A prophecy in time of grief

As the nation mourns the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, who died peaceably on Thursday 8th September, I am moved to write this message of condolence. May the Lord comfort the hearts of the royal family members, and people of Britain and the commonwealth everywhere. Beyond this, I want to point to the significance of this season for the UK, the Church in the nation, and the world at large. This is no ordinary transition. May we gain understanding of the times and hear what the Lord is whispering to the discerning.

An era of glory has ended for Britain. A symbol of sovereignty has left the scene. The crown remains, but the times have changed. A major change has occurred. Britain received a new a Prime Minister and a new King in the same week – not a coincidence at all. It is a sign for the nation, for those who know how to read the signs. The Church in the nation must recognise the sign and the signs, and seek the Lord at this hour, for grief will give way to gloom, and gloom will multiply grief. But the Church must arise as a beacon of light in the night, a place of comfort for those who mourn. This is not a time to point the finger and become an emissary of doom. Rather, this is a time to shine as light in a dark world, to speak truth in love, to rescue the perishing, to manifest wisdom in the face of widespread confusion.

There will be confusion. There will be darkness. There will be false hopes and dashed expectations. But there will also be hope and comfort. Arise, Church, and bear the burden of the weak, in prayer and in practice. Many would desperately want to trust the government of a new era. But this is the time to trust the ancient of days. Those who trust the arm of flesh will be put to shame. Those who trust in the name of the Lord shall be elevated.

Seventy years were ordained for God’s nation to come out of captivity. A seventy-year cycle has now ended, and captors are encircling the nations. The entire globe is under siege. The hands of the oppressors will be strengthened for a season. Time will accelerate. Prophecies will come to pass. Many will fall. The strong will endure to the end. Many were expecting Her Majesty the Queen to reach her century year, but her time has been cut short – the Lord wanting to spare her the gloom of the coming days for her years of faithful service. Yes, it pleased the Lord take her at this time, in peace, and to give us signs we cannot ignore. Let us respond to the Lord in the secret place and shine His light in the open square.



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  1. Mama Skan
    September 9, 2022

    May the Lord help us

    • omegaword
      September 13, 2022


  2. Bolanle
    September 10, 2022

    My dear brother, this is an apt and a profound submission of the state of the UK and the world at large.

    I felt the same too and my heart cries out for the world and humanity. We shall continue to pray, by His grace live in holiness and righteousness. Be bold, courageous to share and witness the gospel of Christ Jesus to the lost world.

    More grace brother Toks.

    • omegaword
      September 13, 2022

      Thanks Bolanle. Yes, we would find grace to shine the light of truth in these dark times.

  3. Oatunji Philip
    September 12, 2022

    Knowing the timing of God and seasons He has or ordained aren’t as important as knowing what the LORD wants to do in this day. The Church, her leadership and followership must go back to Him and seek His counsel to know what next and He requires us to do….

    • omegaword
      September 13, 2022

      I fully agree. We need the wisdom of the sons of Issachar, to know precisely what we ought to do and walk in faith to accomplish it.

  4. Bukkie Allison
    September 30, 2022

    Indeed, her days were cut short. I believe this to be true. She served well. She fought a good fight. God save the Queen. May we learn from her footprints. God save the church in this dark hour. May we shine like stars. This is our finest hour.

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