“By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God”(Hebrews 11:3). We are,thus, called to have an impact in the church and world of God’s word.Our word-based outreaches include the following:

Books, blogs, research Speaking
Itinerant teaching, podcasting, revival meetings Training
Biblical school, courses

Written Word Outreach


Writing, publishing, and distributing God-inspired books is at the heart of Omega Word Outreach. All our books are revelatory, prophetic, and transformative. They bring God’s word to life, declare God’s mind, and create a hunger for a manifestation of God’s glory in readers.

Our books in categories:

The Mystery of Iniquity & The Rise of the Antichrist,
Run Church Run,
The Ultimate Glory of the Church (coming soon).

The Secret of Abraham
The Wells of Isaac
The Destiny of Jacob

The Faith Clinic Revival
Through the Ages

God is Mindful of You
Marnina: The Woman at the Well
The Shift of a Lifetime
A Scribe’s Inspiration

Rediscovering God
Revival in the Desert
The Charismatic Agenda
Miracle Shift

The Mandate of Paul

The Selah Verses
Sharing the Word of God

You can get copies of our books for a donation of any size . Please visit the donate page for more details.



Visit the Omega Word Outreach blog for regular revelatory and thought-provoking articles that bring God’s word to life and reveal His prophetic agenda for the last days.


Spoken Word Outreach

Omega Word Podcast: God specifically instructed the launch of the Omega Word Podcast, a platform for releasing His unfolding word to God’s people. New episodes every Friday!

Itinerant Prophetic teaching: One of our assignments in the body of Christ is to “reopen the wells” of the Spirit, on an individual and congregational level. Through prophetic teaching, we declare God’s truth in love, help God’s people experience life-transforming encounters with God, and prepare the Church for Lord’s coming.

If you would want to invite Tokunbo Emmanuel to your church or conference, write to: omegawordoutreach@gmail.com


Instruction and Training Outreach

God’s word is given by inspiration and is profitable for instruction in righteousness, so that God’s people may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work (2 Timothy 3:16-17). We are partnering with Charis Communications to promote the Bible Academy in Africa. More details later.

Other Projects